Don't love me, Don't hear me, Don't ask me, Promiss me
I want this  I want that
So I will never die till I get them
You are me  I am you
Somebody's screamin' inside

Help me! Help me!

I want three words "War Is Over"

One war for yourself baby
One war
for her small teddy bear
One war
for myself
One war... for what?

Don't be shy, Don't be afraid, Don't be a baby, Promiss me
I got this  I got that
So I gotta find next target
You are you  I am me
Somebody's screamin' outside

Save me! Save me!

I heard three words "God Left Us"

Life is war  War is life
No one knows no one shows me
Life is war  War
is life
No one tells  No one finds
Life is war  War
is life
I controll somebody too

Find me! Find me!

I said three words "F?~ck This World !!"